About Nakamoto

We’re rebooting Nakamoto as Bitcoin bounties for citizen journalism. It will be a regular action feed that combines a Twitter-like feed of information with an Earn-like feed of paid tasks. If you liked this Twitter feed, this Coursera class, or Earn/Coinbase Earn, you’ll like this.

The idea is to have fun and inform people while incentivizing citizens to start seriously writing online. We want to help people set up semi-pro personal media corporations, to start participating in citizen journalism as a duty rather than a profession, to create open source tools for decentralized fact checking, and to gradually build a decentralized media community — not a new media company.

The initial focus of the community will be the decentralized response to the virus crisis. This is a broad scope, because the virus crisis isn’t just a biomedical crisis. It’s also an economic crisis and a crisis of our institutions.

Our ideology is anti-virus and pro-crypto. We want to build competent centralized states to protect our health, while recognizing that states in the modern West are generally far from competent. We also want to build robust decentralized networks to protect our wealth, while recognizing that such technologies are often far from mature.

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Right now, the only thing in the West that appears to be working is the decentralized response. Nakamoto helps coordinate that decentralized response.